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Covid Refund & Cancellation Policy

  1. All payments are non-refundable once paid.
  2. Only transfers can be made to a later show date if a Miami Pro show has to be postponed due to Covid.


3. Due to Covid restrictions being enforced by the UK Government at the last minute causing venues to close and our events to be postponed and to later date/a new venue, we ask all athletes to enter our shows closer to the show date, because once an athlete has made payment has made entry or any of our services are non-refundable.

4. If your show is postponed, then all payment of entry and services will be transferred to the new date of the athlete’s choice valid for 2 years. If an athlete cannot make the date/show they have registered for, you can transfer to a new date within 2 years.

5. We hope that none of our shows get postponed once our show date and venue are confirmed. As soon as we are made aware that our show is being postponed we will notify every athlete asap. If the athlete cannot attend the new date, they can transfer to any other Miami Pro show date within 2 years.

6. All athletes that enter and tick “YES”  to “I understand the COVID terms & conditions of entry and refunds and transfers” will understand and agree to our refund policy and cannot challenge these refunds terms & conditions.

7. This is a notice not to offend anyone but to be transparent of Miami Pro’s terms & conditions to refunds and transfers to all who decide to enter our shows.

Terms & Condition for entry

1. No refunds after payment transaction has been completed.

Only free transfers allowed if a show has been postponed due to Covid restrictions.

2. Admin fee of £30 to make any changes to your entry form after you have entered, including changes to your category / amateur or pro show/ show date/ or transfers.

Your name can not be changed after entering as this is your ref to find your entry form and details.

3.All photos and filming footage taken at any Miami Pro shows of athletes belong to Miami Pro and Miami Pro have all the rights to use any photos of athletes for promotional use without the consent of the athlete.

4. If athletes compete in other federations after competing with Miami Pro they or the federation  do not have the right to ask for the athletes’ photos to be removed from the Miami Pro web site or from any other promotional advertising.

5. All athletes must be on time to go on stage for their class, any late athletes will be disqualified. It’s the athlete’s responsibility to know when they are on stage, what class and in what running order. Running order will be posted in dressing rooms.

6. All athletes must be on time for registration the day before show day (apart from those who can only register on show day due to travelling from abroad).

7. Any athletes seen making a mess with tans and marking the venue’s seats, carpets, walls will be disqualified without refund.

8. Prizes are subject to change e.g. if a sponsor is no longer in business and can not provide the prize it’s not Miami Pro’s responsibility.

9. All athletes are responsible for themselves while competing at the Miami Pro Championships venue, any accidents, injuries caused to the athletes is not Miami Pro’s responsibility.

10. Trophy’s will be given to all 1st, 2nd 3rd 4th & 5th  place.

11. No backstage helper/trainer allowed.