Muscle Model

1 Round Only – Swimwear Round with L-walk & quarter turns


Who’s it for?
Muscle Model is for male and female competitors who are lean, muscular and have both definition and mass with firm muscle tone. In this category athletes are to be more muscular than the Fitness Model category. Body fat is to be minimal and muscle mass, separation, and visible Abs are to be developed and expected. Hard conditioning is allowed but competitors should not be excessively dry or striated. Athletes are to have an attractive healthy look that is marketable in the fitness industry. There is not a set look for this class but the overall package and what suits the athletes’ body best and what is pleasing to the eye.

This is a model search and athletes who enter this class will be judged on their appearance as well as their physique. Athletes entering the Muscle Model category also often enter the Classic Physique category.

Muscle Model is a perfect category for athletes/models wanting to get exposure in the fitness industry and pursue a career as a Muscle model.

There are No routines, only individual walks and quarter turns. Muscle Model class is open to all competitors of all ages, gender and levels (min age is 17 years).

The look for this class:

  •  More muscular than the Fitness Model class.
  •  Athletes are to have a good development in muscle mass, muscle separation, and Abs are to be visible and developed. Body fat is to be minimal.
  •  Hard conditioning is allowed but athletes do not need to be as vascular or striated as the Bodybuilding category.
  •  Overall appearance is to be pleasing to the eye and marketable in the Fitness industry.
  •  Models are to look comfortable and relaxed on stage not like Bodybuilders or Figure athletes who have a more stiff and rigid posture.

What Judges are looking for:

  •  A complete package.
  •  Models with lean and good muscle definition with mass.
  •  Good symmetry.
  •  An attractive healthy look that is marketable in the fitness industry.
  •  The ability to pose on stage in flattering ways.
  •  Great stage presence and confidence.
  •  Swimwear that suits the model and that shows off their best body parts.

You will be marked on:

  •  Your walk and how you perform your quarter turns.
  •  Symmetry and muscle tone.
  •  Definition and appearance.
  •  Hair & make -up (for ladies only).
  •  Tan.
  •  Swim wear.
  •  How you pose & conduct yourself on stage.

* Athletes do not need to bring music for their individual walk as Miami Pros’ DJ will provide the music.

1 Round Only – Swimwear Round & L-walk (NO THEME WEAR)
Athletes will perform their own individual “T” style walk-out to show their physique to the judges and photographers. Athletes will be expected to pose in 3-5 different poses of their choice and are to be outgoing and show off their own personality in their walk.
Once all models have done their individual walk-outs they will perform Quarter turns as a group for the judges. Athletes may be called out in groups of 5-7 to be compared for placing by the judges. Models should be relaxed as they perform their quarter turns but still keeping tight. (Ladies walk in high heels & men in bare feet or gym shoes)

For L-walk diagram click here

Swimwear details:

  •  Male swimwear can range from surfer shorts to Speedo style trunks, no boxer pants allowed.
  •  Female bikinis are to be 2 pieces bikini.
  •  Bikinis can be of any colour, fabric and style and can be decorated with crystals or rhinestones. Make your bikinis as interesting and as daring as you like.
  •  Choose a bikini with colours, styles and patterns that flatter and fit your body.
  •  No G-strings or thongs allowed.LADIES High heels.
  •  The most popular and recommend high heel shoes to wear are with clear heel bottoms/platforms, choice of high heels is totally up to the model.