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To All Competitors,

We have made the difficult decision to discontinue providing judges’ feedback to competitors. The reason is simple: many competitors were unhappy with their honest, truthful feedback or didn’t agree with the feedback that they received, and chose to post negative or rude comments on social media. The accurate and in-depth comments that the judges provided in all feedbacks requires hard work, time and effort, but some competitors can’t accept constructive criticism and feel the need to post negative comments on social media. By no longer offering feedback we are avoiding this negative reaction altogether.

Our suggestion for those of you who want feedback on how you did at a show, or information on how you can improve yourself for your next show, is to look at your stage photos and compare yourself to the winner. The winners are always a good indication of what to aim for. Also, buy the video of yourself on stage: it’s a great way to see your stage presence, walk, and overall look on stage. This is usually enough to show you what you need to do to improve yourself so that you can do better in your next show.

Remember that the points below are what you’re being judged on. All of these are very important. Take time to go through of these points below. We wish all our competitors the very best in their future competitions. What judges are looking for:

  • A complete package
  • An attractive healthy look that is marketable in the fitness industry
  • The ability to pose on stage in flattering ways
  • Great stage presence and confidence
  • Attractive and flattering hair styles and make-up
  • Eye-catching bikinis/trunks that suit the model and that show off their best body parts
  • Eye-catching theme wear that suits the model
  • Well applied tan

You will be marked on:

  • Your physique and body tone
  • Your quarter turns
  • Stage presence and overall appearance
  • Hair and make-up
  • Tan (whether it is evenly applied)
  • Bikinis/trunks and theme wear
  • How you pose and conduct yourself on stage