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1 ROUND – Individual 5 mandatory poses and quarter turns.  

  • Athletes will have 1 minute to do perform their 5 mandatory poses at the front of the middle of the stage in any order and in any style of transitioning to show off their front and back and side muscles. This can be turned into a routine, but only allowed 1 MINUTE  to complete the mandatory poses to the music provided by Miami Pro DJ.
  • After the athlete does his 5 mandatory poses, he will go back to the stage to line up with the other athletes and wait for call outs from judges to preform quarter turns and the 5 mandatory poses (HOST will call out each pose) for placing in a group.
  • After placing all athletes will do POSE DOWN as part of fun to show off their physique and posing. Make this fun, its your time to shine!

Miami Pro don’t do individual “posing routines” as there is not enough time for everyone to do routines, so make up for this when you do your 5 mandatory posing when you first come out on stage.


  1. Front double biceps
  2. Side chest
  3. Back double biceps
  4. Abdominal and thighs
  5. Favorite Classic Pose (Not Most Muscular)

Who’s it for?

Competitors who take their muscularity beyond Men’s Physique, but not as far as Bodybuilding.
Classic Physique is the middle ground between bodybuilding and men’s physique. You are allowed to be dry and striation should be visible.

What Judges are looking for:

Muscularity (size), good definition (leanness) but not to the extreme, symmetry, and presentation (ability to display development during posing in the group comparisons). The targeted look is a little less extreme than in Men’s Bodybuilding.

You will be marked on:

  •  Muscularity (size) and symmetry
  •  Good definition (leanness)
  •  Muscle development
  •  Muscle conditioning and dryness
  •  Tan (if tan is evenly put on).
  •  How you pose & conduct yourself on stage. 
  •  Your quarter turns.
  •  Stage presence and overall appearance.

*Athletes do not need to bring music for their individual walk as Miami Pros’ DJ will provide the music.

Individual walk

Competitors will first walk individually into the centre of the stage, then walk to the front of the stage remaining in the middle of the stage. There you will do free style 1 MINUTE posing incorporating the 5 mandatory poses (front double biceps, side chest, back double biceps, abdominals and thighs) turning at each point in your own style to show off your physique to the judges & photographers from multiple angles. This is your time to show off your individual personality and style.

Quarter turns

Once all competitors have done their individual walk the host will call out all competitors in a line to do quarter turns as a group. You will be asked to do 4 quarter turns and athletes may be called out in groups of 5-7 to be compared for placing by the Judges. Competitors should be staying tight, hard and maintaining good posture and flexing.

Swimwear details

Competitors must wear plain BLACK posing shorts. You are NOT to wear board shorts or bodybuilding trunks in this category. Any competitors wearing board shorts or bodybuilding posing trunks will be automatically marked down.